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New “Pallet-Bumper” marketed by Meijer Handling Solutions B.V.

As of 1 October 2017, Meijer Handling Solutions will be manufacturing the palRoRo “Pallet-Bumper” and marketing it worldwide.

The KOOI® Pallet-Bumper helps prevent damage that can be caused by the curvature of the forklift forks. Because of the radius between the shank and the blade, rather than resting against the shank of the fork, the top deckboard of the pallet comes into contact with the curvature/radius of the forks. This creates a lot of stress in the pallet structure, splitting the deckboards or even causing the blocks to break off, with catastrophic consequences.

Mr Klaas Schepers, owner and Managing Director of palRoRo selected Meijer Handling Solutions to be strategic partner due to the fact that Meijer has its own manufacturing plant and an extensive distribution network. The products it manufactures are of an extremely high quality and Meijer is a universally recognised outstanding brand. The “Pallet-Bumper” will make an excellent addition to the Meijer product range, especially when used in conjunction with hydraulic or mechanical KOOI® REACHFORKS.

Meijer Handling Solutions is world’s largest manufacturer of hydraulically and mechanically extendable forks, better known as KOOI® REACHFORKS. In addition, MEIJER HANDLING SOLUTIONS manufactures Push-Pull slip-sheet attachments and Stationary Pallet Changer systems.

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