MSE-FORKS has launched its new, manually adjustable extension forks (MME range), introducing them first in the USA. This may seem a strange choice, considering that our home base is in Europe, but at the request of an internationally operating retailer, MSE-FORKS has developed extension forks that out-perform any other models available on the market, in terms of both deflection and of ease-of-use.

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The MME (Meijer Manuel Extension) forks emerged after an intensive development programme. In fact, these manual extensions forks are comparable in terms of design with the hydraulic extension forks which, due to their special construction, are designed so they cannot catch on objects such as projecting pallet planks, rack joists or tensioning straps.



The manner of adjusting the outer sleeve is highly innovative. It simply involves moving a pin (which also serves as a grease nipple) sideways, causing the locker to be retracted. As soon as the locker is disengaged, the outer sleeve can be moved using the other hand until the locker engages again at the different length. All the components are integrated into the forks and cannot accidentally get lost as the outer forks and locking pins do not come off. The locking mechanism has a grease fitting  to prevent stiffness or sticking due to corrosion within rough environments.


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