KOOI® Hydraulic Fork Extensions

Oversized forks often cause damage to the load, in turn incurring unnecessary costs. Most lift truck forks are slightly longer than the pallets and can protrude at the rear of the pallet which can cause damage to goods and pallets. The forklift truck driver does not notice that the tips of the forks have punctured the goods to the rear when placing the pallet.  Extension range hydraulic forks can also be used to transport two pallets at a time. This can generate considerable benefits involving large volumes or long distances.


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KOOI® Hydraulic Fork Extensions applications?

KOOI® Hydraulic Fork Extensions

Telescopic forks can also be used as KOOI® Hydraulic Fork Extensions allowing for improved safety and material handling efficiency.  Extension series forks can drastically reduce costs incurred from product and pallet damage allowing for a quick payback and return on the investment in this innovation. The operator simply adjusts the forks to the correct length at the touch of a lever.  This saves time and money while improving safety. The extension series forks are constructed so the movable outer forks do not catch on pallet stringers or slats.

Features and options

  • Hydraulically operated.
  • No ergonomically issues like with manual extensions.
  • Safe operation while the drivers stays seated.
  • Improved number of pallet handling operations.
  • Non catching outer sleeves  design.


Optional: integrated camera system, load back rest, palletstops

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Companies that use various pallet sizes, meaning standard forks are therefore either too long or too short, can choose KOOI® ReachForks because their length can be adjusted. Being able to vary the length of the forks also means you can set them so they never protrude through the rear of non-standard pallets, helping prevent damage to pallets and goods during handling.

Every warehouse recognizes the typical damage cases due to forklift forks that are too long. Pallet boards are broken and products are damaged.

Many companies use temporary workers and, faced with time pressure, it is increasingly difficult for them to give forklift drivers adequate training. The KOOI® Next program is an excellent tool for providing drivers with relevant information so they can quickly familiarise themselves with the forklift and its telescopic forks. KOOI®Next can also make a difference for the more experienced forklift driver. For instance, drivers can use a hydraulic length measuring system that sets the length of the KOOI® ReachForks so they correspond with the pallet dimensions. There is also a sensor that indicates how level the forks are, the so-called KOOI® Deflection sensor. This provides drivers with the correct information when taking pallets out of the racking, allowing them to prevent the pallets from becoming unstable or the pallet support beams from being hit. There is also a camera system available for the hydraulic ReachForks to aid the correct insertion of the forks into the pallet pockets where double-deep racking is in use. If desired, this system can be used in conjunction with a fork deflection sensor.

In the workplace, people are often unaware of the costs involved when pallets or goods are damaged. The above options can help cut many of these costs, including costs arising from:

  • Returning a load to a pallet exchange point;broken-pallet
  • Repackaging of goods;
  • Reshipment of pallets to their eventual destination;
  • Cost of processing paperwork relating to damage;
  • Lost time due to damage;
  • Damage to pallets or goods.

The KOOI® Next program provides drivers with a greater range of tools that lets them work safer, faster and more efficiently. And that will save you money. Meijer Handling Solutions is committed to optimising the combination of forklift and ReachForks, allowing us to make a positive contribution towards maximising the operating profits of our customers.

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