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We align with the business strategies of our customers large and small, becoming a fully integrated extension of their operations with one party responsibility. Via a hi-tech plug & play vehicle, we can integrate into customers’ ICT systems – from production to distribution – providing supply chain visibility and strategic reporting capabilities. We manage KPI’s and give our customers access to real time information 24/7.

Schenker Logistics exists to enhance customer competitiveness, from return on investment to satisfied customers – and ultimately shareholder value. We combine 135 years of global experience and international collaboration with hands-on local capability, to boost our clients’ competitiveness. The results speak for themselves.


Recently Schenker Logistics South Africa were awarded the contract to handle Dell computers. The shipments arrived on slip sheets and Schenker had employed extra people to unload the containers by hand.  Anticipated volumes are around 300 x 12 meter containers per year.
It took roughly 4 to 5 hours per container to do so, for a team of 4 extra casual labourers.  Indrin Moodley (Operations Manager for Logistics Division) looked for a better solution, and contacted Micron Engineering to supply a Push Pull system.

Upon receiving the inquiry, Stan Contat, MD of Micron, went to see Schenker’s operation in order to see what the best solution would be. What Stan found was:

  • A TCM 3 tonner, with class 3 carriage
  • No 4th hydraulic functions on the TCM
  • A client who was looking for the best value solution, and a reluctance to:
    • Purchase extra hydraulic functions for the forklift
    • Purchase a hydraulic pushpull that would have to be maintained
    • Lose the use of their forklift periodically to a push pull operation

Given this, Stan suggested a RollerForks trial. Micron’s after sales manager, Martin De Jager,

delivered a set of RollerForks to Schenker, and both he and Stan walked their driver, Solly, through the techniques in using RollerForks. After a 2 minute lesson, Solly used the RollerForks to unload the rest of the current container. Both Indrin and Solly were incredibly impressed with how effective the RollerForks were. A container could be unloaded in 20 to 45 minutes, without any additional labourers required. They could also use the forklift with RollerForks to pick up standard pallets and slipsheets, without the need to change the RollerForks.

According to Mr Moodley the benefits they have enjoyed are:

  • Increased productivity – between 20mins to 45 mins to off load a container using the forks opposed to 4 to 5 hrs when done manually.
  • Product is receipted and made available for sale quicker than before.
  • Improved Key Performance Indicators with our client.
  • Cost saving on manual labour and our calculations indicate that the roller forks will be made off within a year taking into account the cost of manual labour…
  • No supervision needed once operator is fully trained.
  • Truck turnaround time is shorter, allowing us to off load more containers in a day.
  • Forks are durable and do not require intensive maintenance.
  • Quality standards increased as there is less handling of product opposed to the manual process.
  • Risk is decreased in terms of pilferage as intact pallets are offloaded opposed to lose boxes.
  • More effective usage of our receiving area.

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Forklift palletless handling attachment, RollerForks for slipsheets to handle FIBC and bagged goods.Forklift palletless handling attachment, RollerForks for slipsheets to handle octabins