KOOI-Reachforks, KOOI-Palletless

Single-sided loading saves money

Last year around 4,000 forklift trucks were fitted with KOOI® ReachForks. Many of these KOOI® ReachForks were fitted for single-sided loading and unloading of trucks and/or trains.

Single-sided loading and unloading of trucks means that forklifts travel a considerably shorter distance and operations are faster and safer, as the forklift remains in plain view of any persons in the vicinity. Another advantage is that extra space is freed up for additional storage especially internally, as the forklift does not have to drive around the combo. For a standard 16 m combo, this saves around 64 m². This constitutes an enormous space saving in warehouses or on docksides where loading and unloading operations are being carried out. Time savings amount to approximately 25%, as forklifts do not have to drive around to both sides. As well as improved time, storage and fuel efficiency, reduced mileage also means that tires last longer, especially on outdoor loading areas.

Below is a summary of some of the advantages:

  • Reduced fuel consumption and tire wear due to lower mileage.
  • Improved safety, as forklift remains in sight.
  • Faster, as forklift does not have to drive around the combo.
  • Increased storage capacity, as space to the rear is freed up.

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