KOOI® One-sided (un)loading

Meijer Handling Solutions has launched a range of double-cylinder ReachForks that are ideal for one-sided loading and unloading by counterbalanced forklift trucks. These ReachForks are more rugged than Single Range telescopic forks, as they are often used under more demanding conditions. KOOI® ReachForks are fitted with an integrated synchronization system allowing forks to be extended and retracted in unison.


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KOOI® One-sided (un)loading

KOOI® One-sided (un)loading is mainly used on counterbalanced lift trucks. These double cylinder telescopic forks are ideal for one-sided loading and unloading of trucks, trains etc. and can perform under demanding circumstances.  The forklift travels a considerably shorter distance, which results in faster operations and is also safer as the forklift remains in plain view of any person in the vicinity. This application not only saves time it also reduces fuel usage because less distance is travelled. Another advantage is that the required space for the loading and unloading operation is smaller as the forklift does not have to drive around the combo.


Features and options

  • Less vehicle movements
  • As much as 40% faster than traditional loading – unloading.
  • That is at least loading/ unloading 1 extra truck per hour.
  • Improved safety as forklift remains in sight.
  • Increased internal storage space.


Optional: integrated camera system, load back rest, palletstops




side-loader-butting Meijer Handling Solutions

KOOI® ReachForks are often used on side loaders and can easily load or unload trucks from one side. In addition, with the KOOI® Forks it is easy to overcome obstacles. The unobstructed view with ReachForks is optimal and is not obstructed as with a double-deep pantograph.

automotive-pallets Meijer Handling Solutions

Unloading trucks with assembly crates in the automotive industry with KOOI® Telescopic Forks is a common application.


Not only can trucks be loaded and/or unloaded with ReachForks, but also train wagons. This goes considerably faster than if the forklift truck has to drive in and out of the train wagons via a ramp.

KOOI® ReachForks the attachment to safer, more efficient forklift loading.

If a truck has to be loaded and/or unload, it is of great importance that the environment around the truck is secured. Unfortunately, accidents still arise from the fact that a forklift has to move around the truck to load or unload the pallets. A forklift suddenly can skews from behind the trailer and can injures a person or can damage obstacles such as passing cars and or other forklifts . With the KOOI® ReachForks, the forklift always remains on one side of the forklift and a safer working environment is created.

In addition to the safety aspect, the extendable forklift forks can save enormous amounts of space because the space on one side of the truck no longer has to be used for the forklift. If we are talking about one (1) truck, then a floor area of ± 50 m2 is gained.

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