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Stationary pallet changer: The ultimate test for transferring octabins

Our latest video demonstrates how an octabin filled with liquid is quickly and easily transferred from one pallet to another by using the Stationary Pallet Changer, (SPC). This test was done in order to show meat and poultry processors that their octabins and combo bins can be transferred from wood to plastic without any problems. Even under the most extreme circumstance, when an octabin is filled with liquid, the Stationary Pallet Changer succeeds!

In this case, the combo filled with 1000 l/ 264 gal. of water was transferred from a wooden CHEP pallet to a plastic pallet in just a few seconds. Of course the Stationary Pallet Changer can also be used to transfer other types of unit loads as well. Using the Stationary Pallet Changer has the following advantages:

  • no extra lift truck with additional hydraulics required
  • no extra forklift truck attachments required
  • no extra lift truck driver required
  • thus, overall it’s less expensive!

The Stationary Pallet Changer, (SPC) is a remote-controlled efficient and compact stand-alone unit which provides excellent performance. It’s ideal for applications where goods need to be transferred from wooden to plastic pallets or vice-versa. This pallet transfer innovation has become increasingly popular due it’s robust and simplistic design and cost-effective character.

The Stationary Pallet Changer can also be used in combination with forklift trucks fitted with ROLLERFORKS® or Push-Pull attachments allowing goods to be transferred off pallets and loaded directly onto the floor of a trailer or container for pallet-less shipments.

For more information visit the Stationary Pallet Changer product page.

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