Canadian military invests in Dutch Rollerized Tine Extenders

Canadian military invests in Dutch Rollerized Tine Extenders

Rollerized Tine Extenders (RTE) common use in military

Meijer Handling Solutions is proud to assist the Canadian military defense system by providing Rollerized Tine Extenders for the handling of 463L type air cargo pallets. In cooperation with its Canadian importer GCA-Equipment Inc.
Meijer Handling Solutions has now supplied these innovative forks in numerous applications throughout Canada.

The airfreight, 463L Master Pallet is an aluminium pallet used for transporting military air cargo. It’s the standard pallet used globally by various military forces and it is also commonly used for humanitarian aid operations.

Rollerized Tine Extenders (RTEs) have a hollow tube type design complete with two rows of rollers on each side of the individual fork. The design allows the forks of the forklift truck to be easily driven into the RTE tines and locked into place with a latching pin system. Standard integrated manual pallet-stops secure the load for safe travel and prevent roll-off risks during sudden stops.

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