Hyster double deep reach truck in action

Hyster is optimizing double deep storage with the KOOI® ReachForks

Double-deep storage has become a very popular choice in “high throughput” operations and is ideal for cold stores, dry stores and the storage of multiple pallets of the same products, known as FILO (First In Last Out) principle. KOOI® ReachForks are a very common system for changing any type of forklift truck into a “double-deep” forklift. Telescopic forks on reach trucks (narrow aisle) are fast in operation, consume minimal energy and are very maintenance-friendly compared to other double-deep attachments due to the lack hinged parts, bearings, rollers etc.


The accompanying photo shows that a newly completed warehouse is being filled with the first products. In this case, the customer has opted for double-deep pallet storage.

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