Improved Cross-Docking with Extendable KOOI® ReachForks.

Cross docking is a logistics practice used in warehouse and distribution operations, where incoming goods are directly transferred from the inbound dock to the outbound dock, without being stored in the warehouse or going through any additional processing steps.

The process of crossdocking involves receiving incoming products, sorting them, and immediately preparing them for outbound shipment, without the need for long-term storage. This allows for the quick and efficient transfer of goods from suppliers to customers, reducing the amount of time that products spend in the warehouse and minimizing handling costs.

With a standard fork length, not all pallets can be picked up and the forklift driver (the organization) takes the risk of picking up pallets whose length is longer than the pallet, causing damage because the pallet behind is just lifted and the top pallet shelf destroyed and thereby the product on it.

One of the challenges is handling the different pallet sizes because, with the huge diversity of customers, the number of pallet sizes is at least as diverse. Not only should Euro pallets but also block pallets and special (long/wide) pallets be handled and preferably with one and the same forklift. Often we still see the manual fork shoes being used when special pallets need to be lifted. These shoes are somewhere in the warehouse and must be fitted by the driver to the existing forks. This is inefficient because the truck is “out of service” and the driver has to mount heavy shoes.

With the KOOI® ReachForks, the forklift driver has many more options and can extend the ReachForks if the pallets deviate from the standard and always give the pallets adequate support and pick up one or two pallets at the same time, thus the investment (ROI) of the ReachForks very quickly.

Your benefits when using extendable KOOI® ReachForks:

  • The operator can extend the forks without leaving the forklift.
  • Can lift long pallets without the change the pallet will tilt forward.
  • ReachForks can handle one or two pallets at a time.
  • Telescopic forks provide greater flexibility and maneuverability.
  • Prevents damage to pallet and goods.

Of course, the forklift and load must be balanced in the extended position and therefore, the ReachForks are fitted by the forklift dealer and or manufacturer. This year Meijer Handling Solutions produced its 100,000 sets and with this milestone, we have proven that many companies benefit from telescopic forks and therefore improve their efficiency.

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