How KOOI® ReachForks can prevent pallet damage

With a price of approximately €20,00 per europallet, the prevention of damage to pallets is increasingly a point of attention. If you are dealing with Euro pallets in your warehouse, your forklift drivers must be alert if the pallet is picked up from the long or short side. After all, an europallet is 800 mm by 1200 mm and the forklift forks will most likely not be 800 mm long. This means that when your forklift drivers enter the pallets with the forks, the driver must ensure that the forks cannot protrude from the back of the pallet.

Still regularly we see markings on the forks, but these disappear over time due to wear. In addition, these markings are poorly visible from the driver’s seat and will affect the speed of the pallet handling, even though speed is desired. A forklift driver is accustomed and properly trained to pick up the load with the forks fully inserted into the pallet so that the load rests against the fork back. With the KOOI® Telescopic forks, the forks can take a length of 800 mm and 1200 mm. In this way the forks can no longer protrude at the rear and the load is always sufficiently supported. The driver can operate the hydraulic forks from the driver’s seat and does not have to worry about whether the forks are too long or too short. The efficiency is greatly increased with the KOOI® ReachForks and costs are saved. Leaving aside the damage to goods that often accompany the damage to pallets.


Reduce pallet damage to your EUR-pallets by using the KOOI® ReachForks

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