Mast Height Extensions add extra lift to existing forklifts!

The KOOI Mast Height Extension, add-on mast, is designed to increase the lifting height of an existing forklift mast.

As a warehouse manager, you are always looking for the most efficient way to use available storage space. Especially, now the economy is slowly recovering it might seem your warehouse is getting too small to handle your increasing daily flow of orders. For many companies, a warehouse expansion or off-site storage is simply too much of an investment risk during these uncertain times.

A much cheaper and far more effective solution is to simply make better use of your current space. Take a look at your warehouse. Even if the aisles and racking are as narrow as possible for current equipment, you must ask, ” am I utilizing all available vertical space? “

The solution for increased storage can be as simple as adding more levels to your rack system.

You may think this means you will have to replace all your existing forklift trucks to reach higher levels. It doesn’t! Fortunately, the new Mast Height Extension (MHE) attachment will allow you to add additional lift height to your current forklift trucks without changing the mast, (upright).

The Mast Height Extension, (MHE), is an attachment designed to enhance the lift height on fork lift trucks. It can provide additional lift height ranging from 100 mm up to 1000 mm with 3000 kg. capacity. ( 4″ to 39″ and it is available with capacities over 6,600 lbs.)

By adding a Mast Height Extension to your existing lift truck you can increase the maximum height of your rack storage system without the need to change the mast to a longer version or buy a new lift truck.

The MHE can also be used to improve under-door clearance issues allowing a truck to pass through whilst maintaining the ability to reach higher levels.

The Mast Height Extensions mounts to a standard FEM ( ITA) type fork carriage and it allows the use of existing lift truck forks with full adjustability, (fork spread), within the MHE carriage frame. The system simply requires a single hydraulic function and its sleek design provides excellent visibility with minimum lost load thickness. It’s even available with quick-change mounting hooks for applications which only require occasional use or movement from one truck to another.

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