Meijer Handling Solutions introduces the world’s thinnest KOOI®-ReachForks

Meijer Handling Solutions introduces the world’s thinnest KOOI®-ReachForks

By developing a very thin hydraulic lift truck fork Meijer Handling Solutions reacts to the latest development in international transport. Traditional pallets are less often used for container transport.

A problem that arose was the handling of goods with a particular shaped packaging. The inserting opening or height of these profiles is approximately 40 mm. while a euro pallet has a height of 140 mm. This reduction creates more space, which can be used for extra storage. Special forks will have to be used. As we speak, Meijer Handling Solutions is producing the solution to this problem. With these new forks it is possible to handle goods up to a maximum weight of 1400 kg. The new fork is only 37 mm. thick. By retracting the forks, it is possible to adjust the forks in every desired measurement without the driver having to get off the lift truck. Because the outer fork does not stick out on the underside of the fork, damage to goods is minimised. The development of these new telescopic forks has taken almost a year. All parts had to be designed again because of these new restricted measurements.

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Hydraulically retractable and extendable forklift forks, KOOI-ReachForks, for truck mounted forklifts