Rotating -Stationary Pull Installation (SPI-RT)

Stationairy Pull Instalation

The KOOI-SYSTEMS Stationary Pull Installation, (SPI) has been combined with a rotating lift table creating a cost effective and highly efficient material handling solution for a  major global healthcare company. The SPI is used to transfer goods from one load carrier to another within a cleanroom area where no wood is allowed due to hygiene regulations. This compact unit provides the beneficial features of a hydraulic push/pull attachment, (for slip-sheet handling), without the added expense of a dedicated forklift truck and an additional operator. This saves money through cost avoidance while improving efficiency and helping to reduce contamination risks. Loads are easily pulled from one pallet onto another. Delicate loads are safely transferred without the risks often associated with clamping or pushing.  This reduces product damage and repackaging costs. The rotating SPI is used in a cleanroom transferring the goods from the isolated area to the warehouse. Strict hygiene regulations require lift trucks and pallet trucks to remain within the clean room areas.

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The COVID-19 has now spread to most parts of the world. Local authorities increasingly apply restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, potentially impacting production and supply chains.

At Meijer Handling Solutions in the Netherlands we are following our standard risk protocol and doing our utmost to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our business. Some of our office employees will work remotely to secure business. Untill now we will remain fully operational.

This being said, we cannot ensure production and delivery in case the Local Authorities would announce nationwide quarantine, or the freight companies and carriers would be restricted.

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