KOOI® Slip Sheet Load Carriers

Most products can be adapted to Slip Sheets and almost any type of industry that is using pallets can start using transfer sheets. With the rapid changes on the world market – especially since the implementation of ISPM15 regulations – the demand for Slip Sheets has increased significantly worldwide. As Slip Sheets do not require treatment like wood, they are very suitable for exports.


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KOOI® Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are thin pallet-sized sheets made of plastic, heavy laminated kraft paperboard, or corrugated fiberboard used in commercial shipping. Often, these replace the use of traditional wooden pallets. The unit load is usually stretch wrapped or shrink wrapped for stability.

KOOI® RollerForks-pallet

If customers decide to store their slipsheeted goods onto pallets before shipment, Meijer Handling Solutions recommends to use RF-Pallets. This type of pallet is only used in-house. When the goods are then unloaded at their destinations, the customer can use standard pallets and RF-Pallets are not specifically needed. RF-Pallets, wooden or plastic, can be produced locally.  Of course, the receiver of the goods can use their existing pallets.

KOOI® Palletless Racking

For some companies the ultimate goal is to completely remove pallets from the supply chain. This desire to eliminate the use of pallets in warehouses has led to the development of warehouse racking dedicated to the storage of slipsheeted goods.

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