Quootz user day shows new innovations

Meijer Handling Solutions is a satisfied user of Merkato, the sales / product configurator from Quootz. This is used, for example, to configure the KOOI®-REACHFORKS. By using this tool, the office staff can compile a complete quotation quickly and easily without mistakes. The user meeting in Apeldoorn was a fascinating informative meeting and we greatly applaud the new invitations in areas such as the user interface and template editing.

Merkato helps its users to optimize their sales process by capturing all (product specific) business rules. These rules are then used to generate and distribute quotes and other product-related documents around your organization. Merkato is user-friendly and easy to customise. The software can be used both web-based as well as a client-side application. This offers unprecedented flexibility and a very short time-to-quote.

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Winners of the NKIT with Meijer Handling Solutions, KOOI ReachForks, as sponsors.KOOI ReachForks developed and marketed by Meijer Handling Handling Solutions in 1980.