Why not two pallets per forklift?

In many cases, forklift trucks drive around inside warehouses with just one pallet on their forks. Distribution centers, in particular, are becoming large rand the distances covered by forklift trucks are increasing, resulting in higher costs per pallet.

Improve pallet handling by two pallets per forklift with telescopic reachforks

With telescopic KOOI® ReachForks such as manual extension forks, the forklift forks can be easily extended and the forklift driver can pick up two pallets. The manual extension forks are always available because they remain mounted at all times and do not have tob e removed from a location and mounted like “loose fork extensions.” For the forklift driver, this is a huge improvement because pick-up and mounting take valuable time and the “sleeves” are heavy.

Of course, a heavier forklift must be purchased which also consumes more energy but even then the cost per pallet is estimated tob e reduced by ± 20-30%. Why not make your own ROI and be surprised.

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