Wireless KOOI® Deflection System-Reduces damage to pallets and goods

Damage prevention

In the field of damage prevention to pallets and goods, Meijer Handling Solutions has developed a sensor that displays the horizontal position of the load. Once the sensor is installed and the load is picked up by the forks of the lift truck, the system will detect any fork deflection and will also include the tire deformation.

Some forklift trucks have a standard tilt (level) indicator but be aware that these often do not indicate the actual deflection of the fork deflection, but only the position of the mast and or fork carriage.

Recognize the hazards as the fork angle (position) of the lift truck forks can vary depending on the weight placed on the forks. Make sure that the forks are horizontal when the load is being taken into or out of the warehouse rack and especially if the clearance between the load and the beam is small.

To help prevent damage to pallets and goods, Meijer Handling Solutions has developed a sensor that detects how level the load is. When the forklift picks up a load, the system detects the angle between the blade of the fork and the floor. This allows any bending of the forks, deflection of the mast and distortion of the tyres to be taken into account.

Non-horizontal loads can become unstable (see picture below). The KOOI® Deflection System is a small sensor fitted to the tip of the telescopic forks. Fully enclosed at the front of the KOOI® ReachForks, the sensor is protected against damage and shows the maximum deflection at the tip of the forks. The sensor works wirelessly via Bluetooth and can easily be replaced. It can also be screwed onto the side of a standard forklift truck blade.


Wireless deflection system

The KOOI® Deflection System is wireless, no major adjustments to the forks are required, so the system is perfect for aftersales purposes. The universal design also allows the inclinometer to be used for other purposes as well as forklift truck blades.

The KOOI® Deflection System can also be used in combination with a camera system.

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