Accurate and Efficient Pallet Length-Measurement System

Reduce damage by using pallet length measurement system

With the production of 100,000 pairs of telescopic extension forks since 1980, the so-called KOOI® ReachForks, Meijer Handling Solutions has built an excellent reputation within the logistics over the years. As the founder, we have already introduced many applications for which telescopic forks can be used. Besides the one-sided loading and unloading of trucks and the double-deep storage of pallets in warehouses, reachforks are frequently utilized as extension forks. An extension fork, as the word explains, extends the forklift forks to the desired pallet size. This can be necessary because, within many industries, different pallet sizes are used. The KOOI® ReachControl is an option when purchasing hydraulic forklift forks and supports the forklift driver if they need to accommodate different pallet sizes. With this convenient tool, different pre-sets (pallet sizes) can be entered, and the reachforks will extend (lengthen) when operated by the driver and automatically stop when one of these pre-sets has been reached. The KOOI® ReachControl is in contact via Bluetooth with a flow meter that can determine the position of the extendable outer tube by using intelligent software. The operation of the KOOI® ReachControl is so simple that we would like to share it with you. The pallet length measuring system combined with the ReachForks will increase efficiency and reduce damage when using different pallets.

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