Is the conversion from a standard ReachTruck to a double-deep forklift difficult?

???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? because the lifttruck forks are replaced with ????????????????® ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? using the same fork carriage. One additional hydraulic function is required, but most recent forklifts already come with a standard fourth function, or a solenoid can be used. Of course, the forklift needs to be balanced, referred to as “residual capacity” in the industry jargon. For instance, you cannot place 2000 kg on a load center of 1750 mm on a 2.5-ton/600 mm reach truck, but you can place approximately 857 kg, depending on the brand and model. ????????????????????????????????, ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????? ???? ????????????????????????-???????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

The photo shows a typical ????????????????????????-???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? with the added option of a camera system.

Of course, adjustments should be made by an authorized forklift dealer.

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