New design hydraulic extension forks of Meijer Handling Solutions


The new Slide-Range is especially developed as a hydraulic extension fork. Hydraulic extension forks are used for handling pallets with various dimensions.

When using these hydraulic extension forks the lift truck driver can stay in his seat, he does not have to adjust the forks as with mechanical forks. Of course this also applies for manual fork extensions that do not have to be mounted and disassembled. The hydraulic extension forks save precious time and the working conditions are improved because the weight of the manual forks is no longer there.

Standard lift truck forks are often too long or too short, think of euro-pallets for example.
Lift truck forks that are too short can be dangerous because when the forks do not support the load completely, a pallet can slide of the forks. Lift truck forks that are too long can damage other goods. These damages and the extra handling costs are estimated at 1% of the total stacked volume.

These costs can be prevented when using the new improved hydraulic extension forks, the so-called Slide-Range. Special thing about these forks is that the outer forks are leveled with the inner forks. Because the outerforks do not stick out at the bottom anymore, the outerforks do not damage the pallets when retracting the forks from under the pallets. This used to happen with the traditional hydraulic forks and also with mechanical extension forks and fork extensions.

With a diameter of only 140 mm in width and a thickness of only 52 mm it is possible to slide extension forks in a pallet very fast. With the Slide-Range it is also possible to transport two pallets at the same time which again saves a lot of time. Sight is not negatively influenced and aisles do not have to be widened as with dubble fork adjusters. The telescopic forks meet all specific ISO standards among which the ISO 13284 especially for telescopic forks.

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