That’s scary… when loading/unloading the truck

Do you load and ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? or within your warehouse? Then the situation shown in the picture could also occur for you. When ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????, not only do they use a loading dock, but a significant amount of loading and unloading is done from the sides.

Typically, ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????? the trucks to access both sides of the truck, and during this process, the forklift might ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? from view. This can lead to ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? situations with ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????.

With the telescopic ????????????????® ????????????????????????????????????????, trucks can be loaded and ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ????????????????. This ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? and is ????????% ???????????????????????? than conventional loading and unloading methods.

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