Compare Multi-Pallet Handlers & Telescopic Forks for optimal Dual Pallet Transport.

A multi-pallet handler is a type of material handling equipment that is designed to handle multiple pallets at once. It is commonly used in warehouse and distribution center operations to efficiently transport large quantities of goods and materials from one location to another. In most cases, a model will be used which can record one, or two pallets side by side.



Telescopic forks transporting pallets

To transport two pallets (dual pallet transport), one can also consider using telescopic forklift forks. Telescopic forks are forks that can be either hydraulically extended or manually. Instead of the pallets standing side by side, the pallets are transported behind each other as shown in the picture. Due to the difference in “lost load thickness” and deadweight of the attachments, allows one to carry the same pallet weight when using the same capacity forklift truck. Suppose you have a 3.5k forklift it would be able to take about ±1200 kg per pallet in both cases. In the case of handling Euro-pallets (1200×800 mm), like the drawing, this is a cheaper solution as telescopic forks are about 50% of the price as a Single-Double Attachment. In addition, the consumption of the forklift with ReachForks is more favorable as the ReachForks are 75% lighter in weight! In addition, the maintenance cost of the telescopic forks will be less as it is simply made up of fewer parts.

We’re not saying one is better than the other because we don’t know your situation such as the width of your aisles to drive through with a single-double or the turning locations of your forklift with ReachForks. We just want to point out that it can be worthwhile to buy ReachForks instead of Single-Double. By the way, did you know that Multi-Pallet Handlers can also be equipped with ReachForks?

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