KOOI®-Multi-Pallet Handling

Ultra-narrow telescopic forks use a single cylinder for each tine and are ideal for handling beverage. Their width allows these telescopic forks to be used on multi-pallet handlers for lifting one, two or even four pallets. This does not just cut down on the time needed for (un)loading, it also produces substantial savings on fuel.


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KOOI®-Multi-Pallet Handling application?

KOOI®-Multi-Pallet Handling

KOOI®-Multi-Pallet Handling is used in all kind of industries but most frequently in the beverage industries handling beer, soft drinks, mineral water etc. Standard pallet handlers are fitted with standard forks and are able to lift only one or two pallets next to each other. When  adapting telescopic forks the pallet handlers have the possibility to (un)load trucks with two pallets at the same time from one side, or even lift four pallets at the same time.

Features and options

  • 35% reduce of internal transport costs
  • Clever design means the outer tubes no longer contact the lower pallet timbers.
  • Very small blade section makes it possible to handle just one pallet.
  • Standard capacities available to handle pallet loads with a weight of ± 925 kg.
  • Handling one, two or four pallets at the same time.
  • Considerable improvement of (un)loading-time of trucks.
  • Can be connected onto all kinds of different branches.
  • No need for separate long forks for one sided loading/unloading




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