KOOI® Dual-Pallet Handling

Oversized forks often cause damage to the load, in turn incurring unnecessary costs. Most lift truck forks are slightly longer than the pallets and can protrude at the rear of the pallet which can cause damage to goods and pallets. The forklift truck driver does not notice that the tips of the forks have punctured the goods to the rear when placing the pallet.  Extension range hydraulic forks can also be used to transport two pallets at a time. This can generate considerable benefits involving large volumes or long distances.


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KOOI® Dual-Pallet Handling application?

KOOI® Dual-Pallet Handling

KOOI® Dual-Pallet Handling is used for transporting two pallets at a time. This means internal transport costs can be reduced by 50% saving both time and money for the end-user. Dual load handling also helps reduce energy costs and lowers lift truck usage which helps reduce overall equipment life cycle costs. These forks are constructed so that the movable outer forks do not catch on pallet stringers or slats.

Features and options

  • Hydraulically operated.
  • No ergonomically issues like with manual extensions.
  • Safe operation while the drivers stays seated.
  • Improved number of pallet handling operations.
  • Non catching outer sleeves design


Optional: integrated camera system, load back rest, palletstops

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Cross docking with KOOI® ReachForks.

The transport of two pallets at the same time (dual pallet handling) is a frequently used application in the so-called cross docking concept. Cross docking is a logistics procedure where products from a supplier or manufacturing plant are distributed directly to a customer or retail chain with marginal to no handling or storage time. It is often the case that the trailers are full of the same type of product, but that is not necessary. That is why the KOOI® ReachForks are ideal as the operator can choose to transport one pallet or two pallets at the same time. Cross-docking is also often used when handling time sensitive and perishable inventory. Due to the reduced shelf life, inventory needs to reach retailers with a reasonable remaining shelf life. By forgoing storage and utilizing cross-docking delivery time is reduced. This provides enormous flexibility and time savings. Conclusion: With the KOOI® Telescopic forks, the pallets are handled faster (more efficiently) from A to B and the transport to the customer can take place faster.

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