Damage to Pallets and Goods May Indicate Wrong Sized Forks

Take a look in your warehouse or dock. Instead of looking at the inventory or your employees, focus on the walls and shelves. What do you see?

If you notice dents in pallets, holes in walls, or even damage to your goods that are the distinctive shape of a fork end – you may be using forks on your lift trucks that are too long.

Pallet sizes usually follow a certain standard. For your employees to safely move the loaded pallets with their forklifts, the forks should be long enough to ensure full sukooi-extensionpport and stabilization of the load. This way it can be securely transported to its designated destination.

If the ends of the forks protrude past the outside edge of the pallet, they can cause a problematic and even dangerous situation. Protruding forks are like an accident waiting to happen. The same goes for forks that are too short.

Extendable forklift fork attachments

Manually extendable forks stay on the forklift truck permanently, saving space, money, and time compared to traditional fork extensions (outer sleeves). This mechanical option is lower in cost than the hydraulic fork which makes it ideal for low-usage applications.

The Manual ReachForks are ideal for this application. A fingertip release lever unlocks the outer fork allowing the operator to easily position it in the extended or retracted position. The manner of adjusting the outer sleeve is highly innovative. It simply involves moving a pin (which also serves as a grease nipple). As soon as the locker is disengaged, the outer sleeve can be moved using the other hand until the locker engages again at a different length. Ideal for different pallet sizes and dual pallet handling.


Hydraulic extendable forks

Forklift operators now have the convenience of being able to adjust the length of their forks from within the cab. This is done by manually operating a lever and requires no exit from the forklift. Hydraulic extendable forklift forks allow drivers to customize their forks according to the task at hand.

The Hydraulic ReachForks can be used for double-deep pallet stacking, loading and unloading trucks and trains, for dual pallet load transport, and as extensions for the handling of pallets when a variety of different pallet sizes are used. Depending on the application we can include one or two cylinders in each fork.

The sliding fork attachments are fitted with an integrated synchronization system allowing the ReachForks to be extended and retracted in unison. It is even possible to fit these telescopic forks with cameras to have better visibility during double-deep pallet stacking.  Also a “length measuring system “can be installed if more pallet sizes are used. Through an app, one can specify different length sizes and the ReachForks stop at the pre-programmed length making the length of the forks match the specific pallet.

Having the proper-sized forks on your lift trucks can make your business safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

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