KOOI® ReachControl APP available in App Store

Hydraulically extendable forklift forks with KOOI ReachControl, reduce pallet damage.
KOOI® ReachControl app on Apple Store & Google Play

Finally, we can proudly announce that our App for controlling the length measuring system for hydraulic forks is now available for download from the App store. The length measuring system is easy to install on forklift trucks and can be connected to all brands and types of hydraulic telescopic forks.

The length measurement system can be used to match the length of the lift truck forks to the different pallet sizes as commonly used in the automotive, paper / board and furniture industries. The provides perfect support for the pallet and prevents the forks from protruding too far from the pallet, which can cause a lot of damage.

For more information please visit our KOOI® ReachControl product page.

APP KOOI® Reach Control available in App Store
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