KOOI® RollerForks-Pallet

If customers decide to store their slipsheeted goods onto pallets before shipment, Meijer Handling Solutions recommends to use rollerforks pallets. This type of pallet is only used in-house. When the goods are then unloaded at their destinations, the customer can use standard pallets and RF-Pallets are not specifically needed. RF-Pallets, wooden or plastic, can be produced locally.  Of course, the receiver of the goods can use their existing pallets.


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KOOI® RollerForks-Pallets

The RF-Pallet is a standard pallet provided with extra slats on top of the upper deck. These extra slats create a “roller pocket”, which makes fast entry of the KOOI®RollerForks possible. The KOOI®RollerForks can smoothly lift the slipsheet as the two layers of rollers simply push the slipsheet upward, no force is being used. Thanks to these rollers, goods can be easily and quickly be loaded in containers or on pallets.

Features and options

  • Handling speed is extremely fast.
  • No need for slipsheets with a folding line, which makes it possible to use cheaper slipsheets.
  • Possible to use corrugated cardboard, which is cheaper than using slipsheets.
  • KOOI®RollerForks-Pallets with multiple entries requires no slipsheets at all.


The KOOI® RollerForks-Pallet makes it possible to store goods on a special-purpose base.
These pallets can be stored in the same way as standard pallets and can also be handled using standard forks.

Two-way RF-Pallet

When using a two-way KOOI® RollerForks-Pallet, goods can only be loaded into the container in one single direction.

Four-way RF-Pallet

When using a four-way KOOI® RollerForks-Pallet, slipsheeted goods can be loaded pin wheeled into the container.

Two-way Multi RF-Pallet

When using the two-way multi KOOI® RollerForks-Pallet, multiple sets of KOOI®RollerForks can be used to load the slipsheeted goods straight into the container.

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