KOOI® Oil Connections

To please our customers in the best way we can, Meijer Handling Solutions offers a wide range of product options for the hydraulic extendable forks. In this way, your lift truck forks are fully customized to meet the needs of your specific material handling application.


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KOOI® Oil Connections applications?

KOOI® Oil Connections

Depending on the forklift truck or attachment, such as fork positioners, the KOOI® Oil Connections can be fitted in different places.

Features and options

Possible variations

  • Both on top;
  • One on top and one on the inner side;
  • One on top and one on the outer side;
  • On inner and outer side;
  • Both at the back of the forks;
  • JIC coupelings (for USA);
  • 90° coupelings.

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