KOOI® Extra Wear Protection

Though our KOOI® ReachForks are made of the highest quality steel, wear is unavoidable. To extra protect your forks against wear Meijer Handling Solutions offers two options, an extra hardened plate welded to the underside of the outerforks or an wear strip integrated in the fork taper.


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KOOI® Extra wear protection

All outerforks are produced from a special high quality steel and welded by an welding robot to achieve an special ISO standard. Also all outer sleeves have an integrated wear plate underneath made of wear resistance steel (400HB). Because all kinds of steel will run out some day customers can prevent this wear.

Features and options

To protect the underside of the outer forks against extreme wear, it is possible to weld on an extra hardened plate. This solution is much cheaper than to buy a complete new outer fork.
• Over the entire lenght of the outerfork;
• Thickness: 4 mm (DOMEX wear 400).

For specific applications it is also possible to make use of a solid hardened replaceable nose.

As most wear takes place on the taper side Meijer Handling Solutions uses a fully cast iron taper. An integrated wear strip can be used to reduce wear even more. This option consists of a replaceable mangan strip integrated into the fork taper. The advantage of this option with regard to the standard wear strip is that this option does not affect the thickness of the outer forks.

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