KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer Options

To please our customers in the best way we can, Meijer Handling Solutions offers a wide range of product options for the KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer. In this way, your stand alone machine is fully customized to meet the needs of your specific material handling application.

KOOI® HLP-D Platform
(pallet to pallet elevated transfer)

The KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer (SPC) is commonly used with the KOOI® HLP-D platform for dual or pallet to pallet transfer.  A forklift truck is used to place both the empty pallet and the full pallet onto the 2-place platform. When the transfer is complete, the lift truck can access the receiving pallet from the short side or the long side of the platform.

KOOI® HLP-S Platform
(pallet to lift truck transfer)

The KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer (SPC) can be supplied with a single pallet platform, (KOOI® HLP-S), for staging the full pallet. The receiving pallet can then be held by a lift truck allowing direct receipt of the unit load.  This saves time as the forklift operator can drive away with the load as soon as the transfer is completed.  The forklift can be fitted with standard forks or equipped with one of several pallet-less handling attachments such as a KOOI® Load Push ,  KOOI® RollerForks. or KOOI® PushPull.  The SPC with KOOI® HLP-S can be loaded from either the long or short sides.

KOOI® TLP-D – Platform
(low profile/pallet truck access)

The KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer (SPC) can be supplied with a thin platform, (KOOI® TLP-D), which allows dual or pallet to pallet transfer onto a low profile platform which can be accessed from either side using Hand Pallet Trucks, Electric Pallet Trucks or Walk Behind Stackers for easy access.  The benefit of this system is it does not require regular forklift trucks to complete the operation. This helps minimize costs for the customer.

KOOI® Platform – TLP-S
(pallet to electric pallet truck transfer)

The KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer (SPC) can be supplied with a single platform, (KOOI® TLP-S), which is designed to transfer goods directly onto a pallet which is carried by an Electrical Pallet Truck. This system negates the need for an expensive ride-on forklift and minimizes costs for the customer.

KOOI® Platform – TLP-D-FP
(with Folding Pallet Stops FP)

The KOOI® Stationary Pallet Changer (SPC) can be supplied with a thin dual or two-place platform, (KOOI® TLP-D), in order to position two pallets behind each other. Prior to transferring the unit load, a manual or electric Pallet-Stop is provided to hold the pallets in place. After the goods are transferred, both the goods and the empty pallet can accessed from the back side. This system is designed for use with an Electric Pallet Truck with limited ground clearance.

KOOI® Octabin adapter


This bolt on adapter accommodates Octabins, (aka… Combo Bins), often used for liquids, powders, meat, fish, poultry, etc…   It allows for quick and secure transfer of goods which cannot be inverted.




KOOI® Remote control
with safety light curtain

For applications requiring stringent safety measures, a Safety Light Curtain is offered as an optional safety enhancement.

KOOI® Pendand control box

KOOI® Slipsheet profile

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