KOOI® Single Height Shift System

How do you cope if you have to transport pallets of goods up and down a slope, especially if you have long items that have to be moved like timber. Unless special arrangements are made, the load will slide off the forks of the lift truck – possibly with disastrous consequences. The solution comes in the form of Meijer Handling Solutions Single Height Shift System (SHSSL).


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KOOI® Single Height Shift System applications?

KOOI® Single Height Shift System

Load Balanced Forks can be raised or lowered by 100 mm to compensate for the difference in height without damaging the loads and compensate bumps over rough terrain.

Features and options

  • Can be fitted to most any type of forklift.
  • Very appropriate for operation in hilly and rough terrain.
  • Heavy capacities possible
  • Minimum lost load.




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