KOOI® Next – Pallet Protection Safety Options

With the KOOI® Next program the forklift can be used even more efficiently. The handling speed can be increased, damage to goods, pallets and racks can be reduced and safety can also be improved. Many companies use temporary workers and under time pressure it becomes more difficult to provide the forklift driver with adequate training. The KOOI® Next program is an excellent tool to provide the driver with that information, so that he quickly becomes familiar with the forklift.


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ReachFlexi KOOI®Deflection Sensor

Measure the actual angle of the standard forklift forks and/or ReachForks when a load is being picked up. The deflection system works wirelessly and is also extremely suitable for after-sales purposes. The angle sensor increases efficiency, prevents damage to pallets and goods and contributes to safety.

ReachFlexi KOOI®ReachControl

Measure the extended fork length at each position by means of pre-sets so that the ReachForks cannot protrude at the back of the pallet and the pallet is sufficiently supported. The length measurement system works wirelessly and can be used on any Hydraulic Telescopic Forks.


It can be useful to use a line laser for positioning the ReachForks in the pallet pockets. The laser can be used for internal use for counterbalanced, reachtruck, but also on VNA forklifts. For double-deep pallet applications, we recommend a camera system.

KOOI®ReachCamera Monitor

For double-deep racking storage in warehouses, a camera system is often chosen, which is mounted on the side of the KOOI® ReachFork and moves it forwards with the outer tube, so that there is always an optimal view of the pallet pockets.


In double-deep pallet storage, cameras are frequently used to position the forks within the pallet pockets. To ensure that the goods are also horizontal when lifting and cannot hit the carriers in an oblique position, the deflection indicator is an enormous contribution to safe pallet handling.


KOOI® ReachForks on AGV is no longer an exception and depending on the manufacturer, the Telescopic forks can be equipped with all kinds of sensors such as ultrasonic detection sensors and/or KOOI® Next safety features.

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