Atex 114

To comply with ATEX 114 requirements the outer telescopic forks and pallet stops can optionally be made of stainless steel. The same protection is also given to the heel and side of the innerforks. Stainless steel forks are also a perfect solution for companies where forklift trucks are subject to extreme conditions, e.g. where salt and grit are used.


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Atex 114

ATEX is the name commonly given to the legal requirements for controlling explosive atmospheres and the suitability of equipment and protective systems used in them. To comply to these requirement the outer telescopic forks are made of stainless steel and the pallet stops as well. The same protection is also given to the heel and side of the inner forks. Meijer Handling Solutions is officially certified by the Dutch KEMA institute, category 2, zone 1 and 2.

Features and options

DEKRA certification

  • Stainless steel outer sleeve
  • Stainless steel cover in the heel of the forks
  • Stainless steel palletstops (model Y2).

Food related

  • Stainless steel covering innerforks

Additional Information

MASSIVE STAINLESS STEEL Depending of the needed capacity we can offer massive stainless steel KOOI-REACHFORKS® including the mounting blocks offering the best protection against rust. Used to companies related to food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


  • High safety: Explosion-proof operation is always guaranteed!
  • Long operating life until wear limit is achieved
  • Time savings: No daily check of ex-proof cladding


  • Easy cleaning
  • Resistance against dirt and environmental influences (bacteria)
  • Corrosion-resistance

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