For some companies the ultimate goal is to completely remove pallets from the supply chain. This desire to eliminate the use of pallets in warehouses has led to the development of warehouse racking dedicated to the storage of slipsheeted goods.


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Palletless Racking?

Palletless Racking

This special warehouse racking allows products that are shipped on plastic and cardboard slip sheets to be stored on modified storage racks. In this way more volume is added to the warehouse facility and the need for pallets might be eliminated completely.The palletless warehouse racking will remain accessible by traditional forklift.

Features and options

  • environmentally friendly
  • reduction of pallets, more goods to be shipped in trucks
  • reduction of trucks needed for transport


The design is remarkably simple, consisting of three tribend steel plates that support the slipsheeted product.The rack supports that are traditionally found on the underside of a deck are placed on the top side, allowing the same strength and stability with added functionality.

Companies that want to eliminate the use of pallets are not only driven by financial benefits, they also feel a commitment to the environment. Reducing wood from the supply chain has quite an impact. The reduction of pallets allows for more goods to be shipped in trucks, reducing the number of trucks needed to move products. No pallets also means you do not have to transport empty pallets from stores, distribution centers, or suppliers. And, of course the obvious benefit of not cutting trees to make pallets in the first place.


Do you want to know more about
Palletless Racking?

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