As truck mounted forklifts are exposed to very harsh conditions its forklift attachment needs to meet the highest standards. Not only are truck mounted forklifts exposed to extreme weather conditions, they are also subject to exceptional powers. Hanging at the back of the truck the mounted forklift travels across bumpy roads and has to deal with forklift truck drivers that are not all careful. The power range telescopic forks are designed with all these extreme conditions in mind. The forks are made of the highest quality material and are of such a robustness and have such power that they can operate under all circumstances. For our customers this means smooth operation at all times.


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KOOI®Power Range

This range of telescopic forks is specially designed for use on truck mounted forklifts, like Hiab/Moffet, Palfinger/Crayler, Terberg/Kinglifter forklifts etc. This type of forklift needs hydraulic extendable forks to be able to place pallets beyond and in front of the truck mounted forklifts’s extended forward wheelbase.

Features and options

  • Most powerful telescopic forks due to two cylinder design.
  • Robust cross section complying to more demanding conditions.


Optional: integrated camera system, load back rest, palletstops

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