KOOI® Heavy-Duty Forks

Meijer Handling Solutions is able to offer telescopic forks for extreme capacities. In fact, we can produce forks with capacities in excess of 58,000 kg, (127,000 lbs.)! By working very closely with the engineers of the lift truck manufacturers, our engineers are able to develop KOOI® ReachForks that meet all needs. Because these telescopic forks are often quite unique, our engineering team can provide “step”-files in order for the OEM engineers to fit those forks into their own 3D drawings for testing and to ensure a successful solution. Capacities between 14 and  26 tons are common however, we have the ability to produce even higher capacites.


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KOOI® Heavy-Duty Forks applications?

KOOI® Heavy-Duty Forks

KOOI® Heavy-Duty Forks are mainly used on heavy counterbalance and side-loaders forklift trucks. These telescopic forks are specially designed for use on heavy lift trucks with capacities. Meijer Handling Solutions is able to produce KOOI®ReachForks up to 58.000 kg. (127.000 lbs)

Features and options

  • WITH CAPACITIES OF MORE THAN 10.500kg (23,100 lbs)
  • Integration of 3D-files between Meijer Handling Solutions and customer (OEM).
  • Two or four cylinders per fork to have the most powerful ReachForks.
  • Limited height possible for handling timber.

Optional: integrated camera system, load back rest, palletstops

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