Just like the Push-Pull Carriage mounting the Push-Pull Fork mounted is used for handling multiple stacked goods and comes with only one function to operate the faceplate and gripper. But the fork mounted version is especially designed for customers who needs a combination of a forklift truck and the Push-Pull system. Because of the smart design it is possible to pick up the Push-Pull attachment with the forklift truck without discharging the forks of the forklift carriage. A quick solution for companies who just load or unload containers once in a while with their existing forklift truck


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Push-Pull Fork Mounted

This attachment is adapted onto the existing forklift truck forks in a few minutes. Other than the Push-Pull Carriage mounting it is not needed to remove the forks from the forklift truck.

Features and options

  • Simple and solid locking system onto the standard forklift truck forks.
  • Optional quick change coupling.




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