Visit from Chile to KOOI® Headquarters

???????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????? ???????? ????????????????® ????????????????????????????????????????????????. An???????????? ????.????., the representative of KOOI® Products in various South American countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, and Chile since 2020, recently made an important visit to the KOOI® headquarters. ????n???????????? ???????? ???? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????, representing renowned brands like RAVAS Mobile Weighing , and Meijer Handling Solutions B.V. While the Covid period limited communication to online meetings, it was clear that a personal visit was necessary to truly grasp the essence of the company behind the widely acclaimed hydraulic forklift forks, ????????????????®????????????????????????????????????????. During the visit, they developed a beautiful plan for the future, ensuring the upcoming success of KOOI® Products in South America.

Pictured from left to right: Mr. Herman Loose (Sales Manager -Anval) Mr. Folkert de Graaf (MHS) and Ms. Clara Antonia León M. (Owner- Anval S.A.).

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