Cocam coffee deletes pallets using RollerForks®

During the last 35 years Cocam has been producing soluble coffees appreciated in over 25 countries, offering a complete product line to cater the most demanding consumers. Always relying on quality, flexibility, well coordinated and differentiated service, Cocam was awarded in 2001 with ISO 9001 certification which consolidated its credibility.

Forklift palletless handling attachment, RollerForks for slip-sheets to handle Cocam products in Brazil.


Based on these premises, Cocam continuously supports its commitments to the client’s demands, creating solid and long-lasting relationship. Since a while now Cocam is using RollerForks reducing transport costs.

Mr Sidnei Beraldi, Industrial Manager of Cocam Brasil ‘We searched for alternatives to remove the wooden pallets and send the big bags only on the slip-sheets. During this period, some technicians suggested converting the forklift trucks with the so called “RollerForks” and pointed out their website to our contact.

The implementation of this new system brought advantages for both sides (Cocam and client), as example:

  • Removal of the expensive wooden pallet,
  • No wooden pallet is cheaper to comply with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point);
  • More storage space in container;
  • Increasing of product quantity per big bag (net weight);
  • Decreasing of gross weight per container;
  • Easy handling of big bags during loading and unloading processes.


During the production we already put the FIBC’s on slipsheets and use the RollerForks to bring the FIBC to our sealing machine. After the double-stacked FIBC’s are being sealed together we take them of the platform again with the RollerForks and store them  in our warehouse on in-house plastic pallets. As soon the container is coming in we take the plastic pallets from the warehouse to the loading dock and take the FIBC’s from the plastic pallets. This is very simple because the FIBC has a perfect shape underneath so that the taper of the RollerForks easily rolls under the cardboard slipsheet. As soon the FIBC’s are on the RollerForks the lift truck can load a 40 ft container in approximately 30 minutes with 48 FIBC’s. RollerForks improves our logistics enormously and we only can recommend them to other companies. It’s the simplicity of the system and therefore the breakeven point of the investments is done in a few months.’

Cocam is the only decaffeinated green coffee producer in Brazil. Following the trend of the Modern World, instant coffee has become the ideal alternative for the enjoyment of best soluble coffees at any time. Cocam is one of the main soluble coffee manufacturers in Brazil, producing and exporting a wide variety of instant coffees and coffee extract. In operation since 1970, Cocam applies the latest technological equipments to develop new products to meet the various market demands.

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