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KOOI® ReachForks: Always the right pallet length

KOOI® ReachForks therefore allow you to set the blades to any length between their retracted and extended positions. To facilitate this process, Meijer Handling Solutions has developed a length measuring system known as KOOI® ReachControl. This wireless length-measuring system does not require the fitting of cables over the mast. Using a specially developed app (free to download) it is very easy for the operator to program the length of the ReachForks on the KOOI® Display.


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KOOI® ReachForks problem solver when handling EUR-pallets.

eur-pallet-reachforksThe Europallet is the most widely used pallet in Europe and it is estimated that there are approximately 450 million of them currently in circulation. With a price of around €25.00 per Europallet, the prevention of damage to these pallets is of increasing concern. If you use Europallets in your warehouse, your forklift drivers must be alert to whether they are approaching the pallets on the long or short side. After all, Europallets (EUR-pallet/EPAL) measure 800 mm by 1200 mm. Standard forklift forks are neither 800mm nor 1200mm in length, usually coming in lengths somewhere in between. In all cases, the forks are longer than 800 mm, so when your forklift operators approach pallets from the long side, they must take care that the forks do not protrude on the other side.

Although we regularly see markings on the forks, these gradually wear away over time. These markings are also difficult to see from the driver’s seat and constant checking slows down the speed at which pallets are handled, and this in turn costs money.


Work quickly and safely with telescopic forks
swapping-reachforksA forklift driver is accustomed and trained to pick up loads with the forks fully inserted into the pallet so that the load is in contact with the shank of the fork. With KOOI® Telescopic forks, the forks can be set to lengths of 800 mm and 1200 mm. This means the forks can no longer protrude from the far side of the pallet and the load is always fully supported. The operator can set the length of the hydraulic forks from the driver’s seat and no longer needs to worry about whether they are too long or too short.

The fact that the operator can remain seated reduces the chances of unsafe situations as there is no chance of being hit by another forklift and no time is lost fitting fork extensions. Fork extensions (see picture) have to be fitted at a different location and are heavy, so lifting them puts a physical strain on the driver and can easily cause back injuries.


The hidden costs of pallet damage.

broken-palletKOOI® ReachForks greatly increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. They also prevent the cost of damage to both pallets and goods.

Whenever damage does occur, insurance claims have to be made to compensate for the cost of the product, all of which takes time due to the additional administration.

The goods often have to be repalletized and rewrapped in stretch film. Not only does all this take a lot of time, it also creates extra work for the warehouse staff and meanwhile a lorry and driver may also be kept waiting.


Full control of fork length.

The same KOOI® ReachForks can also be used for handling “block” or CHEP pallets. These pallets measure 1000 x 1200 mm. The hydraulically operated extendable ReachForks can be adjusted between their fully retracted length of 800 mm to their fully extended length of 1200 mm.


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