Looking for a simple and cheaper alternative of the Hydraulic KOOI-REACHFORKS®?

MSE-Forks offers Manual KOOI-REACHFORKS ® as an alternative to loose extensions. What distinguishes these unique forks (patent pending) is that they don’t have any loose parts. Also, the manual extendable forks stay on the forklift truck permanently, saving time, space and money as compared with traditional loose fork extensions. The manner of adjusting the outer sleeves is highly innovative. It simply involves moving a pin (which also serves as a grease nipple) sideways, causing the locking device to be retracted. As soon as the locking device is disengaged, the outer sleeves can be moved, using the other hand, until the locking device engages again at the different length.

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KOOI-ReachForks on a forklift attachment, fork positioner, for loading and unloading of goods.