CAUTION: If the forklift tilt goes wrong

How do you determine when the load is straight on the forklift forks? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? that shows whether the forks are horizontal. ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????, for example, if goods must be removed from a warehouse rack and the mast is pulled back too far. Because the load is not at eye level, it is almost impossible for the driver to see the clearance between the load and the rack beam. Meijer Handling Solutions B.V. ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? “????????????????” ???????????????????????? that can be attached to the mast/fork carriage with magnets but can also be permanently mounted next to the horizontal part of the forks and even mounted in the nose of the hydraulic extendable ????????????????®????????????????????????????????????????. The last two versions have different housing.

The “Bluetooth” sensor shows precisely what the position of the forks is, and the most straightforward version already works through a standard mobile phone as a display. ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ????????????, ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???? ????????????????????????.

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