Horizontal Pallet Transfer Exchanging Pallets

???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????. It is often necessary to exchange products on a pallet with another pallet. This is usually the case when hygiene requirements are set, and ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????, such as food processing, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies. These industries increasingly use plastic pallets because of their superior sanitary properties. Plastic pallets are resistant to bacteria and mold, both of which grow on wooden products, and they are easy to sanitize but are much more expensive than wooden pallets. With the KOOI® ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????, ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????, thus saving costs. In this way, the expensive plastic pallets become available again and can be used in production without buying new.

• Improved handling speed 25-30 seconds.
• No clamping of goods.
• No inversion of load.
• Simple construction.
• Less maintenance because of no rotation parts.
• Floor level pallet handling and re-placement.
• Remote controlled.
• Plug & play

An ideal solution for cardboard packaging, octabins, IBC’s, heavy duty boxes etc.

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