Girl’s day at Meijer Group

Meijer is a strong advocate for women working in engineering and has an active policy on this.

On Thursday 11 April, it was national Girls’ Day 2019. The day is organised to give girls aged 10 to 15 the opportunity to experience the science, technology and ICT industries in a playful way. Throughout the country, several activities have been organised to help girls interactively find their way in the world of technology. This was also the case with the Meijer Group in cooperation with the CSG Ulbe van Houten school in Sint Annaparochie.

More than 54 girls gathered in the Meijer Engine Museum on the Oudebildtdijk, which is directly connected to the Meijer Group factory. Before the day started, the young ladies had an elaborate lunch with various sandwiches, drinks and fruit. During lunch, a presentation was given about who the Meijer Group is, what is happening within the Meijer Group and what activities are being carried out in the Meijer Group factory.

In addition, we briefly touched upon which study programmes are available in general and which study programmes you could do at Meijer Group itself. This presentation was made as short and concise as possible, because the technology profession as it is carried out at Meijer Group is, of course, one that you have to see, feel and smell.

While one group was given a tour, the other group got to work on putting together a Meccano phone holder. The phone holder, which consisted of several parts, could be assembled by almost everyone on the basis of a technical drawing. Of course, the connection to technology is important here. How does a product come into being? And what is needed to do this? Every bit of the technical insight of the girls who worked hard to put together their own holder was used. If the girls couldn’t figure it out themselves, at least three female colleagues were ready to support them in their creation. That way, Meijer Group tried to inform these young girls and, perhaps even more importantly, to make them enthusiastic about the technology industry. After a collective conclusion, the girls were allowed to bring home their own creation and accompanying merchandise. The Meijer Group has had a great day. In the past, this industry was seen as a real men’s world, but Meijer would like to show that this profession is very suitable for every gender. Next year, we hope to open our doors again for a large group of girls on Girls’ day 2020!


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