New deep-drilling machines for KOOI-Reachforks®

Deep drilling machine for hydraulic reachforks KOOI

This week, the first of the three new deep-drilling machines arrived and installed in our KOOI® ReachForks hall. With the addition of the new machines, we will soon have 11 deep-drilling machines and we can continue to grow as a world market leader.

Since Meijer Handling Solutions introduced hydraulic forklift truck forks in 1980, a really solid brand has been developed: KOOI-REACHFORKS®. With a huge variety of specific models, inestimable technical knowledge in the field of deep-hole drilling, and the production facilities to manufacture these special forks, “KOOI” is the brand that almost all forklift truck makers and their dealers use and recommend.

The number of KOOI-REACHFORKS® is still growing year by year, and Meijer Handling Solutions has decided to build a complete, new production facility which has been finalized last year to attain the optimum layout for its production.

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Winners of the NKIT, Dutch forklift driver contest, with Meijer Handling Solutions, KOOI ReachForks, as sponsors.Meijer is a strong advocate for women working in engineering and has an active policy on this.