KOOI®-Pallet Bumper Options

Special applications


KOOI®-Pallet-Bumper can be used for “special” pallets and applications. For those specialties we try to find the best solution helping reducing damages to goods and pallets and risks to employees and other visiting the workplace were pallets are being handled.

Chemical Pallet


When using so-called chemical pallets (CP-Pallets) with their typical construction, a higher impact block will be used to prevent that the pumper-block will be positioned between the top en lower planks.

FIBC Handling


A special bumper block can be connected on top of the pallet-bumper when handling FIBC’s preventing that the FIBC (bigbag) will be damages when falling backwards.


pallet bumper

Main causes:

  • The reinforced heel of the forks will catch the first pallet plank
  • The lift truck fork are not leveled
  • Operating (working) pressure of lift truck driver
  • Speed of forklift to high when entering the forks into the pallet
  • Use of weak pallet constructions
  • Moving (pushing) pallets over the workshop floor

Customers reports up to 80% reduction in damages to goods and pallets during forklift operations after installing the KOOI®-Pallet Bumper on their forklift trucks. Adapting the KOOI®-Pallet-Bumper the warehouse lift truck operators will be more efficient and will contribute to a better environment.

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