SPC Applications

The Stationary Pallet Changer can be used in several ways. Depending on the goods that needs to be handled and depending on how the goods needs to be transferred there are different ways how to use the Stationary Pallet Changer. When the goods needs to be transferred palletless for example, then you can use it in combination with the Rollerforks® or with the KOOI-Push-Pull. Or when shipping on wooden pallets, just let the SPC shift the goods from the plastic pallet on to the wooden pallet.


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Transferring goods from one pallet to another

Stationary Pallet Changer is used to transfer goods from one load carrier to another in order to reduce contamination risks or validation issues with products that cannot be inverted. Animation

Transferring goods from pallet to slip-sheet attachment

Stationary Pallet Changer is can be used to transfer goods directly from a pallet to a slip-sheet-push/pull system without the need for a slip-sheet dispenser.  The innovative SPC saves time and improves the efficiency of loading operations.  The Stationary Pallet Changer is a valuable tool which helps reduce shipping costs. Animation

Transferring goods from pallet to load push attachment

Stationary Pallet Changer can also be used for transferring unit loads which are not sheeted.  It can transfer the goods directly from a pallet to Load Push attachment, (push/pull attachment without a gripper), or onto ROLLERFORKS® or the unique ROLLERFORKS®/Push-Pull, (combination unit).  Slip-sheets are not always required and therefore our combinations offer ideal solutions for saving money. Animation



It is a cost-effective way to transfer goods from one load carrier onto another load carrier. In combination with a load push goods that were originally stored on wooden or plastic pallets can be transported without any load carrier. By using a push-pull attachment or RollerForks it is also possible to transport the goods on slip sheets.

The Stationary Pallet Changer is available in several versions. The loading platform is available in a movable or non-movable version. The standard movable (D) version can be loaded and unloaded with for example a counterbalance lift truck. The (S) the short version loading platform, is mostly used in combination with a Load Pusher, Push/Pull or ROLLERFORKS®.

Furthermore, our SPCs can also be delivered with a Thin Loading Platform, which makes it possible to use the SPC in combination with pallet trucks and pallet jacks. In this case the SPC frame (SPC20/1220/B) is fixed onto the floor.

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